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Inspiring at Every Turn

K2U Learning Systems & The STEM Project are dedicated to providing students with innovative learning experiences. With our out-of-the-box and experienced tutors, we offer a range of programs to help students excel in their academic careers. But don't just take our word for it, hear from our successful students in the testimonies below.


Theodore Pavlov - One of K2U's Students for 2 years, graduated with 4 disitnctions, one of them for maths

Laura Lukele- Grade 11(2018)

"Mr. Shapiro teaches in order to develop understanding of the subject. This has not only equipped me with the ability to do well in math's but also enabled me to grasp the subject more deeply. Mrs. Shapiro is always available to talk to and provides us with support and a safe place to talk. K2U has helped me with much more than just math's."

Kelda Perumal- 1st Year Varsity (2017)

1st Year Varsity Student made for Math's


Many of my student friends who achieved 80% last year at school, didn't even pass our first few math's test this year, and I,haven't failed one yet.  I always tell everyone it's just the method of learning that Greg  has instilled in me, so I have a lot thank K2U for.

Lisa Driver, MI

Improved by 36% in one term!

Anriké was able to improve this much by first learning her tables properly and then with her new level of confidence and belief started to work on the other aspects of her Math's curriculum. Her excitement for her new found skill is very evident in her behavior.

Emerentia Patientia (Mom)

Dear Greg. Did Anielah tell you how well she did in her Maths??? 77%....thank you so much

Kylie Potgieter (Mom)

I just want to say thank you to you and the wonderful team!
Troy and Quinn have gone from detesting math to absolutely loving it!
Greg and Kerryn are definitely working magic on my boys!
So blessed I found you!

Barbara Proudfoot (Mom)

Hi Caryl, thank you so much. Damion says both Paper 1 and 2 Maths went well. He couldn't have done it without Greg. We are so grateful.

Sivandhrie Govender (Mom)

 Thanks so much for the commitment and great teaching skills, my daughter is enjoying Math for the first time ever 

Denise Stoffberg (Mom)

I would like to thank the K2U Team for all of their assisstance with my daughter Caylan. You have been amazing with helping her understand maths in a fun and easy way. She became so dedicated to her lessons and diligent in her daily practices, she would even ask for homework. Your support has been phenomenal.

Michelle Rennie (Mom)

I would like to thank everyone for your support and teaching with Jack. His mark in the 3rd term jumped by 20%

He now has an incentive to work towards an additional 15% increase for the 4th term

Chantal Burt (Mom)

Just a note of gratitude to Greg and the team. Jordan has received 66% for his 3rd term whereas previously he only acheived 39% for term 2. Thank you so much for your help in attaining this huge improvement.

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