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Greg Shapiro

Is your child destined to become another unnecessary casualty of our failing mathematics educational system?

Over the past four decades, we have diligently acquired the knowledge and expertise required to support your child in achieving success in mathematics.

With our system, almost every child can confidently secure a distinction in mathematics.

Did you know?

  • Every year over 700,000 students leave school without Mathematics.

  • Only 30% remain with maths core to matric

  • Not even 1% of those manage to attain a distinction by the end of Matric

Don't let your child be one of these!

We can confidently show that our methods and techniques can empower nearly every student to regain mastery over their math skills.

Learn how to give your child/ren the best chance to take control of their future!


Here's how we use mathematics to help your child develop the winning streak!

Your child will learn the essentail  skills needed not only for maths but life itself:

  • Problem-Solving:

    • Mathematics teaches children how to approach and solve problems systematically, which is a crucial skill for many areas of life.

  • Critical Thinking:

    • Math encourages logical reasoning and critical thinking, helping children to analyze situations and make well-thought-out decisions.

  • Analytical Skills:

    • By working through mathematical problems, children learn to break down complex tasks into manageable parts and analyze each part to find a solution.

  • Confidence:

    • Mastering math concepts can boost a child's confidence, as they experience the satisfaction of understanding and solving problems on their own.

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K2U Learning Systems 

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K2U Fundamentals Program
(3 Months/24 Lessons)


For a child to enter high school without fully mastering these 5 essential maths skills is a recipe for failure.  Our accelerated learning methods all students to perfect these skills in weeks as opposed to the traditional 7 years of primary school.


K2U’s unique accelerated teaching methods make it possible for a learner  to make a flawless transition from primary school to high school. 


Assessments are given at the beginning and end of each section, with a full assessment at the end of the program.

K2U Algebra Channel Program
(3 Months/24 Lessons)


Algebra is the core of all higher mathematics. The K2U Algebra Program gives the student a thorough grounding in the fundamental laws and rules of mathematics.  Most failures in mathematics can be attributed to the lack thereof.


Starting with Grade 8 level, we move step by step towards their current Grade ensuring every concept is fully grasped before moving on. 


Weekly reports are computer generated and sent to both student and parent for accurate monitoring of the efficacy of the intervention.

K2U Complete Distinction Program
(10 + Months)


We teach each student how to prepare themselves to achieve a distinction in mathematics. 

Mstery of each section is carefully monitored and recorded ensuring an  intelligent revision program in preparation for exams 


Combined with the Founder's unique conceptual lessons each student is given a tutor who provides the backup for the daily exercises.


Weekly reports are computer generated and sent to both student and parent for accurate monitoring of the efficacy of the intervention.


Mosa Mdladla - Gr 12 

Thankyou for focusing on me specifically , it was really a personal experience. Completely diffeerent than  normal extra lessons. I really benefitted from the structure K2U gave me and my performance and achievements have grown significantly. Wish I had started this program ealrlier

Kelda Perumal- 1st Year Varsity

Many of my student friends who achieved 80% last year at school, didn't even pass our first few math's test this year, and I,haven't failed one yet.  I always tell everyone it's just the method of learning that Greg  has instilled in me, so I have a lot thank K2U for.

Kylie Potgieter (Mom)

I just want to say thank you to you and the wonderful team!
Troy and Quinn have gone from detesting math to absolutely loving it!
Greg and Kerryn are definitely working magic on my boys!
So blessed I found you!
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