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How We Got Our Start

Greg  Shapiro has, over the past 40 years developed a teaching program that effectively empowers students to achieve a distinction in mathematics and thereby build a foundation for a successful life.

We have unique methods of teaching that have yielded results that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority  of students if given the right foundation and teaching, can achieve outstanding results in mathematics

Math Formulas

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K2U Learning Systems is the service provider to the STEM Project. K2U has been developed over that last 40 years. These programs are specifically designed to help any student achieve top marks in their mathematics and other STEM subjects 


" Lack of competency in our five basic mathematical skills, is the reason most high school students battle to cope with Mathematics"
Greg Shapiro - Founder of K2U

Graduating Students


Grade 3 to Grade 7

Fundamental Program 

This program has been designed to ensure that each student masters these 5 Essential Fundamental Skills as the foundation of their mathematical journey to Matric and beyond. These skill will make it possible to make the correct and flawless transition from primary school to high school maths. These are the mathematical tools that have to be intuitively habitualised into memory ready for use at any time and in any order. In high school maths students are required to focus on the more complex problem that automatically requires a competent use of these Fundamental Skills at almost the subconscious level.

Using K2U’s unique accelerated teaching methods each student is guided through a set of exercises and explanations with one of our trained tutors. Assessments are given at the beginning and end of each section, with a full assessment at the end of the program.

Grade 7 to Grade 12

Channel Skills 

This program is designed to take every student back to the first principles of numeracy and algebra which were introduced in Grade 7,

and then through a process of strategic exercises, organised into a sequence of 12 channels which lead the student to complete
mastery of these essential math skills.
The program is run over a period of 3 months with an initial, intermediary, and final assessment being done to ensure that 100%
competency is achieved in each skill.

Algebra is the trunk of the mathematical tree, from which every branch of mathematics is derived.

Failure to ensure full habitualised competency in these critical skills is the reason for such a major fallout in maths, experienced not only in our country, but in almost every other western country around the world.
In our opinion it is futile to try to deal with the issues of higher-grade maths before these basic skills have been correctly taught and practiced to perfection by the student. In the same way that our Fundamental program develops the elementary components of the vocabulary of mathematics, our Channel program gives students the ability to create grammatically correct mathematical
expressions and solutions to their respective equations.

Every skill taught in the Channel Program will be used throughout the mathematical life of the student, right into their tertiary studies and beyond.

Grade 8 to Grade 12


This program is built on three distinct avenues of learning:


  •  Mastery in the understanding of each section of the required curriculum

  • Practice of the skills needed for mastery of the above sections on our digital platform, until competency is achieved.​

  • Practice of these skills as found in past papers 

By far the majority of maths students are encouraged to simply practice each section once it has been briefly explained in the
classroom – the national maths results prove that this is the most inefficient way of mastering maths and is breeding a generation of
mathematical illiterates.

The sad thing is that most of our school youth could excel at maths if the process as described above was followed.

The Distinction Program gives every student the opportunity to gain a functional understanding of all the various concepts required with respect to their grade and curriculum.

The student is then fully instructed through the exercises needed to develop their understanding into their memory.

Finally, to ensure that the student understands how these questions may be asked in their upcoming tests and exams, he or she is coached through past exam papers.
The program is comprehensive and eliminates the need for the student.

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Every child has the right to excel in Math's and enjoy a career that is correctly aligned to his or her talents and passion.

"This is the gift that good Math's marks provide"

Greg Shapiro - Founder


138 Olyvenhof Farm

Olyvenbosch Road, Wellington

Western Cape


071 819 2668



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