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 Our Country Desperately Needs

 a  Mathematical Revolution                        

A Resolute Call to Action 

This is a critical juncture for the future of mathematics education, and we stand before every company and organization with a vested interest in this endeavor. We urge you to conduct a thorough and honest evaluation of your social investments. Do you have a robust system in place to track and measure the effectiveness of your financial contributions? Drawing on our four decades of expertise in the tutoring of mathematics, we have identified a pivotal shift that must occur if we are to leave a lasting impact on our nation’s mathematics crisis.


It is not sufficient to merely address the surface-level challenges encountered by Grade 12 learners. Our vision must be broader, our approach more strategic. We must prioritize our energies and investments in the place where they will have the most significant effect. 

We need to implement strategies to equip every Grade 8 student with the foundational skills necessary to navigate their educational journey toward achieving mathematical excellence in their matric exams. 

This is an impassioned plea for change—a change that begins with a commitment to early education and continues with consistent support throughout the students' academic careers.  

Let us unite in this transformative endeavour and invest where it will truly make a difference. The future of our nation’s mathematical prowess is in our hands.


Our program is precisely designed to achieve this mission.  

By nurturing and equipping grade 8 learners, we are not just fixing problems; we are building a mathematical revolution that ensures every student reaches their full potential and has the foundation to secure a first-class distinction in Grade 12.  


With your invaluable support, we will have the power to achieve the following two remarkable outcomes: 


  1. Raise the annual number of matric distinctions from the meager 6,700 per annum to an impressive 20,000 plus, within the next 5 years.  

  2. Dramatically help to reduce our country’s staggering 70% Grade 10 drop-out rate from Maths Core to Maths Literature or no maths at all.  

Every student who remains in the maths core stream is a step toward a brighter future for all. 

Why It Matters:  

Our children’s potential, our economy’s resilience, and our country’s prosperity all hinge on quality education. By investing in our program, you are investing in a better tomorrow, one where every student thrives, every mind flourishes, and every distinction becomes a beacon of hope. 

We urgently implore you to join us in this critical fight. Together, we have all the necessary ingredients to revolutionize education and shape a future that knows no limits. 

Together, We Can Transform Education:  



Our Plan of Action 

Our Vision: Over the next five years, we aim to transform the education of mathematics by training at least 1,000 carefully selected post-matric individuals into competent, passionate math tutors. These tutors will be equipped to ignite a mathematical revolution—one that transcends mere formulas and equations. 


Our Request  

As a company that shares our commitment to addressing our national maths crisis, we urgently ask you to consider making a bold pledge in this crucial, timely, and urgent intervention. 

  • Pledge to contribute a portion of your CSI or other monies towards the recruiting, training, developing, and deployment of our Tutors into preselected schools. 

  • Tutor Boot Camp The first 20 pre-selected Post Matriculant Trainees will be housed and fed for a full 3-month period at our fully equipped training center.  

  • They will receive intensive training to ensure they are fully equipped mentally, spiritually, and financially to become the successful Tutors, we need them to be. 

  • Your pledge will empower us now to take the action necessary to start promptly in Jan 2025 with the first 20 preselected Tutor Trainees. 


Our collective future hinges on education. By investing in this project and the tutors we are going to develop and equip, we are not just solving a crisis—we are nurturing a generation of maths leaders who will shape our nation’s destiny. 

Harnessing the power of four decades of unparalleled experience, we stand at the forefront of educational innovation. Over the years our unique, proven teaching methods have been meticulously crafted and refined by myself and my team to transform the way foundational maths is taught. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has repeatedly validated the potency of our techniques.  We are poised to revolutionize the future of maths education on a national scale. We are not just offering a solution, but a panacea that promises to reshape the landscape of teaching in a few short years.  

At your request, we will gladly send you our Business Plan in which we fully describe our 5-year strategy to bring our vision into reality. 

Therefore, we ask you again to consider joining us in this audacious endeavour urgently. Together, we can all play a significant role in redefining the future of maths education. 

Your pledge of support will make this possible!! 

Warm regards, 


Greg Shapiro   

Director, The Bundi Foundation   

WhatsApp: 071 819 2668   


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